Somewhere between hot yoga and a long, snowy winter, I found lessons learned from spontaneous flowers emerging from dormant stems. I wasn’t expecting it and learned a lot from observing an abundance of beauty and hope spring from what I thought was a dead stick collecting cobwebs.

Learning life lessons

Prudence. Patience. Persistence.

Prudent behavior hasn’t always been my mantra but it is becoming so. Rewards of delayed gratification are real.

The beautiful bloom of this orchid is a reminder that what’s inside is most important and will always show its true colors.

Resilience and strength. If I’m persistent and patient enough to nurture the plant with a few ice cubes now and then through the long cold winter of its dormancy the rewards are tangible because now I know the true value of the bloom cycle and that I will treasure it and give the plant what it needs to thrive forever.

While persistence is something that comes natural, patience is not. Pairing these two qualities is like the ice cubes that feed the Orchid. Too much water would cause root rot and too little might kill it.

The perfect balance of nourishment for this seemingly fragile flower is the careful comfort of melting ice.

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