poetry of yoga

Mind body soul

Yoga & Travel for Writing Clarity

Yoga clears and balances the energy within the body, making it easier to engage in focused meditation. By combining physical postures, breath control, and relaxation techniques, yoga helps prepare the mind and body for self-awareness & mindfulness. Yoga can take writing to the next level – to empty your mind of thoughts – helps write, rejuvenate and evolve.

Tibetan monks and Buddhists place great importance on breaking free from the cycle of birth and death, striving for liberation or enlightenment. The Wheel of Samsara philosophy suggests that the actions and intentions of an individual during their lifetime determine their future experiences. It emphasizes the importance of breaking free from this cycle and attaining liberation or enlightenment, often known as "moksha" in Hinduism or "nirvana" in Buddhism.

poetry of the blues

Music, Stories & Empowerment

Poetry of the blues serve as a form of cultural expression and empowerment. Through the medium of music, artists convey their emotions, frustrations, and hopes, connecting with others who may share experiences. Unity and shared struggle are liberating,  a collective consciousness and platform for social commentary.

Liberating the Soul through Travel & Yoga

Travel shapes how we write and relate to the universal consciousness by expanding our perspective, broadening our understanding of the world, and inspiring us. It offers us a rich tapestry of experiences to draw from, enabling us to connect with others and contribute to the greater collective understanding of our shared humanity.

When we share our travel experiences through writing, whether it's in the form of stories, memoirs, or poetry, we contribute to the collective human narrative. 

Our words become a medium through which others can vicariously experience different cultures and convey the interconnectedness of our global community. By stepping outside our comfort zones, face new challenges, and confront our own assumptions and biases. This expanded awareness can directly shape how we write and relate to the universal consciousness.

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