Its Monday. Time for another nap. Birds flutter on the rooftop. I know this life is better than my last. The cat is talking out loud, or I am hearing his thoughts. Either way its time to go do something, before I loose the week to late winter melancholia…

I gave up singing to be a caged bird and it didn’t get me closer to my dreams. This time I know, freedom lurks around every corner and creativity keeps me awake. How did I get here?

In this uneasy tranquility, built on escaping my upcoming busy travel and work schedule, I began exploring the old streets of Montreal enjoying my walk, seeing the clock tower with its beautiful views of the old port in the Saint Lawrence river. I have always loved the architectural and cultural elements that make city feel comfortable to me, yet unique and vibrant every time.

So close to the spring equinox we enter the sign of Aries soon, bringing themes of hope and regeneration permeate both ancient and modern cultures. Pagan-based imagery such as a bunny rabbit green grass and colorful eggs I’m hatching my own intentions by making a list of attainable goals I would like to see manifested.

Walking around old Montreal, from this incredible artist loft I am staying at with a friend, Rue St-Paul, we end at the Saint Lawrence river from the Basilica.

Still time to stay cozy under blankets and just GESTATE for planting new ideas soon.  I’m going to go for a walk soon to the old port with European architecture cobblestone streets I’m looking forward to my upcoming adventures going back to the old country this summer.

All right until the last round of flames and fire fire mark this day, feeling I’m at a turning point on a new path for discovery, but I fool myself thinking I know which way to turn. New surprises around every blind corner, I cannot yet see.

We’re having a conversation. Let’s see if I can remember … whimpered the mouse, scurrying away. I lick my chops and find dreamland again.

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