Taking my own advice. Headed north on 81, stopped at random hotel in Blue Ridge area. Writing… scenes popping like magic. Characters sitting here talking to me. Just sayin’





Profound love of the non-responsibility road trips afford, easing into the weekend. Forget unrealistic comparison, just write your real stuff, even if it’s awkward and weird. Its true and that’s more interesting than perfection.

Water is in physical form one of the things you need to survive, needed to live as one must drink or absorb in a way some form of it, as life – be it plant, animal or sentient life – seems to depend to a large degree on this element in order to survive. Water is often associated with emotions, art, time and especially healing and philosophy. It has the depth of a philosophers soul and is the inspiration of the artist, but that makes them just depending on its unpredictable nature.

travel on Earth

Most living beings are dependent on Earth for a place to live and for a chance to grow food. Earth is the first thing you need for almost everything to ensure consistency as it provides a ground, stability and endurance. Earth is a reliable element, peaceful and tranquil. It is an element busy with the day to day life and problems, and an element often seen as the great player in the eternal game of the world, counterpart to the lucidity and creativity of Wind. Earth is the most passive and strong element, although it can be destructive if one experiences its wrath. Earth is the element we build our existence upon. It is the base of all.

Memories of travel are inspiring new places to visit on this earth. I have a lot planned this summer and while I cling to the downtime, I can’t wait to get going! Of course, lots of yoga, getting back to a daily practice. It behooves me to invite a little Ganesha protection into my upcoming travels.


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